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Comprehensive Strategic Consultancy in Communication & Marketing

The process of developing a comprehensive marketing and communication strategy is crucial for businesses to build and maintain their brand image, attract and retain customers, as well as optimize business performance.

  • Market research and customer analysis
  • Creating multi-channel communication content and advertising
  • Customer relationship management
  • Implementing multi-channel communication activities
  • Measurement and evaluation
  • Continuous optimization

Brand Building and Creative Advertising

Branding and creativity involve building the image, personality, and values of a brand. This activity helps the brand create unique elements in the market.

  • Building brand identity
  • Establishing brand vision, mission, and DNA Creating brand guidelines and brand imagery
  • Brand image management and brand protection
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Social Listening

Social listening is a method of researching and monitoring user activities and opinions on social media platforms. It helps businesses, organizations, and marketers gain a better understanding of their customers’ opinions, thoughts, and attitudes towards their brand, products, or services. Social listening utilizes data analysis tools to collect, analyze, and evaluate information from social media sources, thereby providing real insights and perceptions about the market, customers, and competitors.

  • Social Media Listening
  • Data Aggregation
  • Market Research and Behavior Analysis
  • Brand Reputation Management
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Communication Campaigns
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Risk Management

The process of monitoring and managing discussions and information on the internet from customers of brands. Understanding consumers and the market, thereby devising appropriate communication and marketing strategies. Identifying early signs of potential communication crises or providing quick and urgent solutions for crises related to the brand. This minimizes negative impacts.

  • Classification of crises
  • Developing strategies to handle negative information
  • Minimizing damage from crises

Event Organization and Dynamic Sports

We offer professional, creative, and memorable event organization solutions.
We are a professional entity specializing in motor sports event organization in Vietnam.

  • Building comprehensive event plans
  • Executing event production and management
  • Booking performing artists
  • Organizing motor sports races and promoting motor sports activities
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Media Communication and Production

Communicating through visual media and recorded products to convey information and promote brands and products.

  • Developing ideas for TVC scripts, video showreels, and short videos
  • Executing product photography and videography
  • Post-production of products

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